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Richard Jiang
Director of Engineering
Infocus Corporation – Hayward, CA
Apr 11, 2019
Richard managed Edwin directly

 “During my Software Engineering Director at InFocus Corp., I supervised Ed from 2017-2018. I found him to be a very good engineer with a very curious and analytical mind. He likes to look forward and explain the approach before accomplishes the project. Ed seems to get along well with other team members, which is very important in a multi-cultures software development team. I believe Ed will be a productive team member wherever he goes.”

Yifan Li
Director of Software development
Infocus Corporation – Portland, OR
Jan 29, 2016
Yifan managed Edwin directly

 “Edwin is one of the most dedicated person I have ever known. He contributed so much in Mondopad product we have been worked together for the past 5 years.”

Aaron Frinzell
Security Researcher
Intel Corporation – Austin, TX
Feb 15, 2015
Edwin worked with Aaron in the same group at Gateway Computers

 “Ed is a fantastic engineer. He is very resourceful and creative in his thinking, typically having multiple solutions to any given problem. He can work independently or in a team. A self-starter, that is highly dependable and motivated, always willing to go the extra mile. Ed is an asset to any team.”

Raymond Chung
Director at Lenovo
Lenovo Computers – Beijing, China
Jan 22, 2015
Raymond managed Edwin directly at Gateway Computers

 “Ed Salazar was an diligent and resourceful engineer. I appreciate his can-do attitude which was one of factors in allowing my department to succeed. Another thing which is a positive factor is Ed's willingness to learn and natural curiosity, an important aspect required for engineering and life in general.”

Glenn Jystad
Director of SW/HW Product Design, Development & Marketing
Infocus Corporation – Irvine, CA
Apr 28, 2014
Glenn managed Edwin directly

 “Having worked with Edwin for more than 10 years and have seen how committed and detailed oriented he is with every task. He takes on challenges and solves problems many others are unable or unwilling to do and as such is always a significant contributor on the team.”